Many many tiny lines

Welcome to my first blog post.

I have started this web site ahead of the first public display of my art which will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015 at The Maltings in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK.

I will be selling limited edition prints, cards and framed originals.

I enjoy the atmosphere and enthusiasm at comic conventions particularly the sight of hundreds of artists working on commissions so I will also have a small commission list which will include some portrait work.

For portraits I enjoy working in silverpoint but the majority of my art is completed with brush and ink and I feel some demos at the weekend - while nerve wracking - should help to show what goes into my process.

The works in my Gallery all started the same way: a pencil rough where I look for broad shapes. I then move to more complete pencils before turning to a 00 brush to start inking. It has proved very difficult to convert my work for promos for the upcoming show but some high res scans do show off some of the line work which can get very small. It is a slow process.

I enjoy the smoothness of the brush line and work on my general technique in life study classes.

For inspiration I turn to Victorian Fairy art, Gustave Dore and Albrecht Durer while I also read far too many modern comics where the detailed work of Geof Darrow, Jeremy Bastian and Steven Platt always impresses me especially the amount of movement they are able to convey in their work.

Thank you for your patience and I would recommend anybodyto try and draw what is their heads and the world around them if they want a very exacting but fun experience.

Holly Moon


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