My first show has started something

I am now keen to do more public events after negotiating my way through a first meeting with potential customers.

To be honest I did not sell very well at all and many people looked baffled when checking out my work.

But people did look - sometimes long and hard - at my rather small pieces and I did a demo on each day which at least occupied me and I felt very comfortable on the first day particularly. I think weather took away from some footfall on the second day.

I was met with bemusement at times as it has been pointed out to me by others that people generally have no conception of what creating a piece of artwork demands. Three people seemed to think it was entirely down to the ink I was using - Speedball SuperBlack for your information - and the ink just moved itself around somehow. People were genuinely surprised to see brushes involved.

But the experience has done something to me and I'm now trying to organise myself into a few more shows in the coming months and push forward with new projects to show off or at least tease what is to come.

The event - Art Unequalled close to my home in Ely - was very well organised throughout and I intend to register again for next year. On the back of preparing for this I have met helpful printers and gained insurance which should prove useful in the next few months.

I close by uploading the two works I demoed. The first was inspired by the Apple Festival taking place that day and the second just came off the top of my head which is often the most fun to do.


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