Home again

I have just returned from two weekends away at conventions. The first Oxford Comic Con had a very enjoyable atmosphere and responses to my work were varied and interesting. I did reasonable business on Saturday and surpassed that on Sunday.

I also got to meet Mike Medaglia (http://mikemedaglia.com/) having just bought his excellent book 'One Year Wiser' and the brilliant Asia Alfasi (http://www.asiaalfasiart.com/) whose work is currently on show at the House of Illustration in London.

The support and kind words of other artists was a real highlight of my weekend.

I also attended DevCon in Plymouth this past Sunday and the show was extremely busy. It was more of a toy and game show than I am used to but I still sold prints and had many happy conversations with people interested in what was on my table.

I close with a recently finished work 'Page of Tides' in brush and ink.

Ink fantasy with a brush

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