Beatle your London Olympia Artist's Alley weekend

I will be at the London Film and Comic Con at Olympia from Friday July 27 until Sunday July 29th sharing a table with the very talented Stefan Alexander in the Artist's Alley.

It is my first UK event of the year and I have the above two originals with me and many others for show along with some prints if anybody is interested in purchasing.

I should have some marbled paper to pack the prints with as I want to now avoid plastic wrapping for my paper products. Once the current print run is over there will be no more plastic bagging of items.

I saw the re-release of The Beatles animated film Yellow Submarine last week at the cinema for the first time in many years. I was struck by how much of the imagery surrounded me as I grew up with the skewed Victoriana and creature designs filtering into my own work all these years later. I loved the collage effects, the songs and the humour behind it all and it reminded me of one of my greatest influences, the English artist Alan Aldridge.

His detailed children's book illustrations were very popular and he illustrated an entire book of Beatles lyrics with some masterful and witty designs that interpreted many famous songs. I have just started playing the guitar again so will look out for the book. His work glows through the ages and I enjoy it a lot to this day.

I had a brilliant trip to Switzerland in May and Fantasy Basel where I sold many prints and originals.

I was told of people using my designs in tattoo work but I have yet to see photographic evidence of this. It was humbling to have people who bought prints a couple of years ago now coming back to look at original pieces and buy them.

At some point I want to offer a cart on this site for people to purchase original work and prints. However I do not feel ready to do this yet. My work is best seen in person for now and does not reproduce well online which I need to fix. When I do sell through the site I would offer a 100% money back guarantee and an extra 10% charitable donation if a customer was not satisfied. To offer this I would need a more thorough knowledge of packaging and what I could do with it and also postage rates but it is on my mind to do.

Thank you for your patience.

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